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Polly Ann Trail Recieves Jeep Clean Trails Project Grant! - Thank You!

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One of the ways Jeep Clean Trails Initiative gives back si by offering $250 trail clean-up grants to outdoor and off-road organizations to aid with the costs associated with maintaining the land. To date, we have donated over $21,680 to organizations making a difference in their local trails. 

Our goal is to help bridge the gap between motorized and non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts. Despite some negative stereotypes that exist in the recreational outdoor industry, we understand that most people using public and private trails are dedicated to the responsible treatment of the resources that make their hobbies and pastimes possible. 


To be considered, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Organize or belong to a Wrangler/4x4 group/club with more than 5 members
  • Organize or belong to an environmental organization/club with more than 5 members
  • Own or work at a private or public off-road park
  • Organize or belong to an OHV Organization with more than 5 members
  • Organize a trail clean-up project with a dedicated 4x4/off-road purpose


  • Proof of your affiliation with organization/club/park
  • Must have a club or organization website (not a social media page)
  • Must provide digital photo of trail improvement project
    • Action shots of volunteers preferred!
  • Completion of application form
  • Organization's are eligible once per year up to two years
  • Sign the eligibility waiver