Events at Polly Ann Trail

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Did you know you could plan an event at the Polly Ann Trail?

3 Ways to Request an Event at the Polly Ann Trail:

  1. Download our Nonprofit Event Form or our For-Profit Event Form and Hold Harmless Forms - Complete the forms and return 2 different ways:
  2. Call the Polly Ann Trail Manager Linda Moran at (248) 981-1242 to schedule your event on an upcoming Polly Ann Trail Management Council meeting for discussion

Event Requirements and Process

  • Completed applications and forms due to the Manager seven days prior to the next PATMC meeting
  • Have a representative attend the PATMC meeting to answer questions about your activity
  • The PATMC will require that you provide event insurance and/or a rider stating that the PATMC, MDNR are named insureds for the event, per the language in the ‘Hold harmless’ Agreement
  • All activities require approval by the Polly Ann Trail Management Council, Inc. on behalf of the MDNR, property owner

Hold Harmless and Event Form (Click to Download)

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